Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Search For "the" Job

Now on to my second lesson from law school, which is very much related to the first.

As a 2L and 3L, I was still having to remind myself that I needed to trust God as my father and believe that He did in fact have a job for me after I got out of law school. The new problem I was having, as graduation was fast approaching and applications needed to go out, was that I didn't trust myself to find "the" job that God had for me.

Since God was calling me to trust him and follow him by faith, I wasn't expecting God to tell me the time and place where I would find this job; I was really doubting my ability to discern God's will and to find "the" job he had for me.

And then I found myself in Professor DeGroff's office. We were meeting to discuss my final independent writing project, but, as was often the case when I met other Regent professors, we also discussed how I was doing personally. In fact, Professor DeGroff seemed just as concerned with how was handling my impending graduation than he was with how I was finishing my project. I am thankful he was.

That afternoon I was feeling overwhelmed by the unknown and the crush of possibilities. I say possibilities, not options, because at that point I had only perused some of the seemingly endless lists of firms, clerkships, and career paths that are supposedly out there for law grads to chase after. I didn't even know where to begin.

So in the midst of my uncertainty and self-doubt I earnestly asked Professor DeGroff, "What if I couldn't find 'the' job God had for me? or worse, what would happen if I applied to the wrong places and took the wrong job?"

And then Professor DeGroff looked at me across his desk and said in his Tom Brokawesque voice, "Game Over."
Yikes! As someone who had played his fair share of Mario growing up, I knew all to well what "Game Over" meant.

But before I could ask him about whether I had any continues left, Professor DeGroff smiled wryly and revealed the intended sarcasm of his response. He then proceeded to remind me about the grace of God which not only accomplished my salvation but as Titus 2 points outs, remains in my life to redeem even my missteps and to continue to correct my course.

There was no "Game Over" with my Heavenly Father just a call to continue to seek after Him and His will. We rarely see Him or His will clearly, but if we set our hearts on Him, He will be faithful to determine our steps (Proverbs 16:9) and correct our missteps.

What a relief!

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  1. I am glad your professor brought in some humor when it comes to us trying to carry the weight of our future!

    We sometimes think that God is trying to keep our future a mystery or that He wants us to try and figure it out on our own.